Change Management

AllHRMatters works with organizations to change beliefs, attitudes, skills, behaviors and culture by providing consulting advice, coaching, and facilitating training and workshops on change leadership, communication for change, motivation for change, transformational change, and developing values. 
We will assist you to:

  • Align your key priorities and projects to your mission, vision, values and goals
  • Assess and develop your culture consistent with your core values and business strategy
  • Successfully integrate different cultures during a merger or acquisition
  • Achieve consistently effective cross-functional teamwork to break down silos
  • Intervene with stuck or disabled teams
  • Assess the skills and competencies of your leaders - develop leadership behavior at all levels
  • Develop and implement a change roadmap for new business initiatives or processes
  • Learn to overcome resistance to change

To achieve your desired outcomes AllHRMatters will:

  • Create shared vision among top leadership about the changes that need to be made
  • Mobilize commitment among the key stakeholders that need to lead the change - set up steering committees and cross-functional teams as necessary
  • Create a partnership between internal and external resources
  • Build leadership capacity in culture change, team leadership and management skills
  • Track progress - we help you troubleshoot resistance to change and other rough spots in the implementation process



Led cross-functional team of stakeholders to successfully design and implement a virtual worker program which reduced cost of service delivery, improved employee retention and facilitated a seamless customer interface

Researched, developed and implemented gain sharing program which increased both employee ownership of company objectives and employee morale

Created scorecard metrics to align business actions with achievement of strategic goals.  Developed training programs to enhance desired outcomes