Employee Handbook and Policy Development/Articulation

You may use a variety of methods to communicate policies, procedures, and work rules to employees. Employee handbooks are typically the most popular format and explain information regarding the organization's history and culture, what the employee can expect from the employer and what the employer expects of the employee to include an overview of total rewards and other information.

Employee handbooks, when properly designed, are excellent tools to improve communication of policies and procedures, build more effective employee relations, enhance the image and reputation of the organization, improve productivity and minimize the employment practice related risk of your organization.

AllHRMatters will review your existing handbook if available and/or develop a new handbook tailored to your specific business needs. Typically, this review takes an in depth look at linkage to:

  • State and Federal employment related policies
  • General guidance concerning work related behavior
  • Rules and regulations
  • Salary and benefit information

We can further assist your management team in the consistent application of employment policies and procedures by providing a supplementary procedure manual with additional detail linked to the employee handbook. These procedures will provide practical guidance on administration of policies contained in the handbook, as well as any pre-employment or post-employment duties required of the management team.