Organizational Development

AllHRMatters organizational development services will enhance your organization when: 

  • The external environment is changing quickly
  • You are implementing new technology or a new process
  • There is new leadership
  • You are implementing a merger or acquisition
  • You would like to improve upon how your business communicates
  • Your business is experiencing challenges with employee retention
  • Employee morale is low
  • Your customer base is changing/diminishing

Organizational Development Services


AllHRMatters consultants will quickly:

  • Identify important trends in your company
  • Benchmark attitudes to establish a baseline for change assessment and progress
  • Identify problems and opportunities for improvement
  • Map out organizational culture as a precursor to merger and/or acquisition
  • Identify teamwork practices
  • Discover where support and resistance to change exists
  • Identify who the most talented and motivated people are and develop a plan to keep them
  • Find solutions from within the organization
  • Gain commitment to new processes and programs




Led, designed and implemented succession planning program to identify high performers, hard to fill roles and key staff.  Program design ensured organizational preparedness, enhanced bench strength, high caliber human capital, and attainment of strategic goals

Led cross-functional team of stakeholders to successfully design and implement a virtual worker program.  Program reduced cost of service delivery, improved employee retention and facilitated a seamless customer interface

Conceived, designed and deployed a comprehensive Vice President “boot camp” to strategically fulfill talent recruitment and leadership development initiatives