Performance Management

A solid performance management approach is a valuable process that should provide a framework for meeting or exceeding organizational goals. A performance management system must be aligned to the strategic goals, cascading across your organization and should be linked to actual job content and job specifications to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Without these elements built into your process, it is likely that you are not satisfied with your existing performance management system. Top management commitment is the key ingredient to successful implementation along with training and on-going evaluation of the system. AllHRMatters will assist your organization in designing a streamlined, straightforward and tailored performance management system that considers your strategic goals, and includes linkages to job analysis findings and integration from a systems perspective.

We will facilitate the development of core organizational competencies, influence SMART goal setting, and clearly articulate expectations in order to have a measurable results-oriented tool for effective implementation.  Our process includes training for all levels of management and staff.